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About the Paracanoe Programme

You are in your starting block, the adrenaline is pumping and after all the hard work in training, you're ready to race.

The starter brings you into focus and you settle yourself, READY...SET...

The gates are released and you explode in a water-sprayed frenzy to beat all the others and get to the finish first.

Welcome to the British Canoeing Paralympic Programme

The British Canoeing Paralympic Programme is based at its world class high performance centre in Nottingham and is supported by a team of world leading coaches and sports science support. 

The programme has consistently deliver at all major championships, topping the medal table at every competition for the last four years. 

Paracanoe made its debut at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games and British paddlers won five medals in six events, three of them gold.

The vision is to remain a world-leading and world-inspiring Paralympic programme as focus turns to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. 

UK Sport has invested a significant amount into the programme for the next four-year cycle and the paracanoe landscape is likely to improve exponentially - these are exciting times ahead.