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Paracanoe is a canoeing discipline for athletes with physical impairments, raced over 200m. Athletes can compete in two types of boat, depending on their classification.

Paracanoe was given official World Championship status at the 2010 World Championships, held in Poznan, Poland. Later that year, the International Paralympic Committee announced Paracanoe would make its debut at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio.

Since it's inception in 2010 at World level, Great Britain have become the most successful Paracanoe team in the world, winning 5 medals out of 6 events at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, 3 of them Gold. In 2017, the IPC announced a further 3 events would be added to the Tokyo 2020 Games schedule, with the inclusion of three Va'a events, running alongside the current Kayak classes. 

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This is an exciting time to try Paracanoe with a very strong emphasis on development. With inclusive and accessible clubs spread throughout the country, no matter what your aspirations, this sport could be for you. 

Click here for a list of clubs who cater for the needs of recreational disabled paddlers.

Click here for a list of clubs who are Paracanoe Talent Club Partners for competitive canoeing.

Lexi provides a useful explanation tool on para-classification in language the general audience can understand.  For more information on paracanoe classification specifically please visit the Paracanoe Classification webpage

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