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How we work

British Canoeing is dedicated to supporting the most talented athletes in the Olympic disciplines of Canoe Slalom, Extreme Slalom and Canoe Sprint and the Paralympic discipline Paracanoe to win medals at the highest level. Having consistently won Olympic medals since 2000, the sport gained its first ever Olympic Champion, Tim Brabants, in 2008. We followed this success with our best ever Olympic results, winning two Gold and two Silver Medals at the Rio Olympic Games 2016.  We also had great success in our Paralympic debut, winning three Gold and two Bronze Medals at the Rio Paralympic Games 2016. We followed this up with a fantastic 7 medals at the Tokyo Paralympic Games and a Silver and Bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games. Liam Heath adding to his medal haul and winning a medal at his third successive Games and Mallory Franklin winning a Silver medal at the inaugural Women’s C1 Slalom competition.

Slalom Team Line

High Performance Centres

The World Class Programme aims to provide the best possible Daily Training Environment to maximise the water time, coaching, competition, gym training, recovery, targeted performance support and operations towards helping athlete’s develop towards being the best they can. Within the resources available and investment principles agreed with UK Sport, British Canoeing operates two fully supported centralised WCP training environments through its HPC’s at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham (NWSC) for the Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe programmes and the Lee Valley White Water Centre (LVWWC) for Canoe Slalom and Extreme Slalom.

This targeted investment approach enables British Canoeing to provide World Class facilities and World Class support services at these venues and the establishment of a GB team environment consisting of high professional standards with a strong and cohesive performance‐based culture. Whilst the centralised training model is the philosophy within the sport, we understand that it is not always possible for WCP athletes to relocate to the vicinity of a HPC due to studies, work and family commitments. British Canoeing is athlete centred in its approach to developing holistic athletes and WCP athletes may elect to opt out of the centralised programme on the understanding that the support services are accessed via the identified HPC.

Our Vision and Purpose, Objectives and Values

Our Vision and Purpose, Objectives and Values


Canoe Slalom & Extreme Slalom Vision- To create a world class environment where paddlers can excel in canoe slalom and Extreme Slalom, focused on people and inspiring success at all levels

Canoe Slalom Mission- Canoe Slalom & Extreme Slalom will have a higher level of excellence in the athlete pathway and maintain the competitiveness in each Olympic class for success in Paris.

Canoe Sprint Vision- A united and inspired community delivering unprecedented athlete success

Sprint Mission- To build a culture, a system and a sense of team, working together to provide athletes with outstanding experiences

Paracanoe Vision- Inspire, Thrive, Perform

Paracanoe Mission- Paracanoe will have thriving people delivering world leading performances and inspiring themselves and others through winning 4-7 Paralympic medals in Paris


To enable athletes to achieve excellence and ultimately win World Olympic and Paralympic Medals


These are British canoeing’s 6 values which the performance programme athletes and staff live by on a day to day basis;

Every person matters 

We will build a culture that is people-centred and inclusive, and offers support to all of our people based upon their individual needs. We understand that an athlete’s development and performance will depend upon their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, and that medals are an outcome of a system that prioritises looking after athletes as people first.

Striving for excellence

We will set and expect high standards of athletes, coaches and practitioners as they strive towards success on the world stage. We will focus on continual growth and improvement, creating a thirst for learning through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and philosophies. Always with Integrity Our culture will be built on the foundations of mutual trust, respect, honesty and transparency.

Always with integrity

Our culture will be built on the foundations of mutual trust, respect, honesty and transparency.

Enjoying the journey

We will provide stimulating, challenging, positive and supportive environments that enable athletes to have the best possible experiences in the sport. 

Individually committed

People will be inspired and empowered to pursue their passion for the sport, and their efforts and contributions will be recognised and valued.

Stronger together

There will be a strong sense of team and community, where volunteers, clubs, coaches and support staff work together in an inclusive, open and collaborative partnership, aligned behind a long-term strategic vision for the sport.

These Values define how we go about our business throughout British Canoeing, applying equally to athletes, coaches, staff, committee members and volunteers.

We want to inspire individuals to be the best they can be and this starts by putting our elite athlete’s right at the heart of everything we do.