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Athlete Appearances


Athlete Appearances

British Canoeing athletes aim to support the canoeing community and promote the sport through athlete appearances, helping to increase the profile of canoeing.

If you wish to request a British Canoeing athlete to make an appearance at one of your upcoming events, please fill in the athlete appearance form and submit.

Before submitting your athlete appearance request, please read through all the information below and consider what you would like to achieve from the experience.

We receive many requests to support club, charity and other challenges and while we are unable to support all requests for publicity and athlete appearances, we will do our best to facilitate as many as we can.

We ask that if possible you be flexible with your appearance dates. With the athletes’ training schedules, they have limited availability during the week and weekends surrounding training, competitions and recovery.

Unfortunately, we will not be taking any requests for a specific athletes, and any athlete on our current programme may be able to fulfill the submitted request. 

We will aim to respond to all athlete appearance requests within two weeks of submission.

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Making the most of an athlete appearances:

If you have an upcoming event and are looking for ideas on how to utilise an athlete appearance, British Canoeing has a few suggestions on what athletes may be able to do at an event.

  • Although our athletes will not be able to paddle or lead coaching sessions during athlete appearances, they may be able to provide feedback through assistance in coaching sessions.
  • Athletes may also be able to deliver a presentation or a talk – if you have any specific topic you would like covered during this, please send any information in advance of the event to [email protected] .
  • Q+A sessions and handing out trophies at an awards evening are also further ways you can get a British Canoeing athlete involved in one of your future events. 

Request Notice:

We ask that all requests are submitted at least four weeks prior to your event to ensure enough notice is given to the athletes to fit around their training schedule and allow time to make travel arrangements. 

Media Interviews (if relevant):

Should media be present at the event, it would help the athlete to prepare for any specific interview question about the event/activity.

Please include any specific facts/figures or comments you think they might need to know. It would be helpful to hear which journalists have confirmed attendance and who you might be waiting to hear back from. 


British Canoeing would love to share any athlete appearances and events you may hold through our media channels.

If you could send any pictures you get of the athlete appearances through to [email protected] along with any further information of the event you wish to share. This can then be posted through social media and on the British Canoeing news channel. 

To apply for an athlete appearance – fill in the form here.

If you have any further questions on athlete appearances – please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]