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Ladybower Reservoir - A new beautiful place to paddle

For the first time in 100 years, paddlers can explore the ‘iconic’ Ladybower Reservoir, which lies in the heart of the Peak District. A great experience for your list of things to do in the New Year.

Lisa Walker 01

Photo by #ShePaddles Ambassador, Lisa Walker

Since November 2023, for a small fee, people can launch their kayaks, canoes and paddleboards at the site.

It has come thanks to a deal between Ladybower Paddlesports and Ladybower Fisheries.

Ben Seal, Head of Access and Environment at British Canoeing, said:

“Ladybower Reservoir is an absolutely iconic place in the Peak District. It is fantastic that paddlers are able to enjoy the water and facilities provided.

“While the opportunity to paddle on Ladybower is an exciting prospect for many paddlers, as an open body of water, it is really important to stay safe and be prepared!

“Conditions can change quickly.  Anyone venturing out onto Ladybower or any other lake for an adventure should always follow our ‘Paddle Safe’ principles.”

For only £10 per craft, all you have to do is turn up to the fisheries office to book on the day.

Please heed advice from Ladybower Paddlesports and don’t launch without booking.

Check their website for updates (including safety, weather, clothing) >>

It has taken the team a long time to get permissions to and no one wants that taken away due to unauthorised use.

Ladybower Paddlesports is partnering with DC Outdoors to provide paddlesports instruction and coaching. 

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