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ICF publish provisional “Upper Limb Illustrated Guide to Classification” document

The ICF last week published the provisional 'Upper Limb Illustrated Guide to Classification' document, which is to be used at national level to expand national paracanoe activities to include upper limb impairments. 

Jonathan White April Regatta 23

To accomplish this goal, National Federations need to develop a population of athletes with upper limb impairments so there will be a sufficient number of athletes which would be included in an evidence-informed scientific study.  

The study intent would be to design a fair and equitable athlete classification system which would be holistically inclusive of upper limb impairments within the current system.  

Given the current approval process and dependent upon the number of athletes to be recruited for a study, the goal would be to have an inclusive IPC-approved lower limb, trunk and upper limb athlete classification system in place beginning in late 2028.

Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe Performance Director, Chris Furber said:

We welcome the news of the inclusion of upper limb impairments into the paracanoe classifications. It's always exciting when our sport looks to increase its inclusivity profile.

– Chris Furber

"Upper limb impaired athletes can now receive official classification status in three new classifications from KUL3 to KUL1 depending on the extent and impact of their impairment.

"We want to thank the ICF for continuing to develop the sport and special thanks to Julie Gray for driving forward this important development."

The document can be found here.

British Canoeing's National classification information page can be found here:

The schedules dates for 2024 national classification are:

  • April 12th 2024 (Nottingham)
  • July 5th 2024 (Nottingham)
  • September 6th 2024 (Nottingham)

If anyone is interested in being classified, please email: [email protected]