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Meet Delivery Partners, LoadedUK

Loaded Uk

LoadedUK is a Youth Development Company that provides opportunities for young people to thrive through challenges, adventures and unique learning opportunities. Based in Llanelli they offer a range of outdoor activities and adventure sports and decided to become a Delivery Partner.

Why did you become a Delivery Partner and what are the benefits?

LoadedUK offers a range of opportunities to get involved in paddlesport, from fun taster sessions on sheltered water to more performance coaching on moving water and expeditions. So, it was sort of a no-brainer for us to want to continue moving forward and be a Delivery Partner. 

I know it’s early days, but has it had any impact on your business so far?

Although yes, it is a bit fresh, this has served to promote our services – that we provide paddlesport training. It has also enabled us to increase promotion of our services and the awards we offer. 

Why did you choose the Bronze package?

For us it was appropriate to our needs and was great value for money, especially as we come out of such a tough 18 months navigating lockdowns. 

How did you find the process of becoming a Delivery Partner and what did it involve?

It was a very simple process of filling your information in online through the Delivery Partners portal. You then get issued a dashboard where you can continue to update your services. If I can do it, anyone can!

What would you say to anyone considering becoming a Delivery Partner?

I would say if you deliver any kind of paddlesport the Delivery Partner scheme is well worth it, as it will connect you with effective support where you need it and serve to promote what you are doing, where you are doing it.

I would also say speak to other delivery partners and your local development officer or coaching manager, this will help with any questions and give you a broader perspective.

Become a Delivery Partner

Becoming a Delivery Partner gives you the opportunity to join a supportive scheme to help you develop and grow your paddlesports activity. The partnership is aimed at the full array of paddlesport activity providers including outdoor centres, hire providers, tour guides, charities and small and large organisations providing paddlesport activity, as well as coaches, leaders and guides.

Choose from our Gold, Silver or Bronze packages of support, each including a variety of benefits. Find out more and become a Partner today!