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Meet Delivery Partner, Eila Wilkinson

Eila is a UKCC Level 3 and Advanced Water endorsed coach based on Anglesey. She is also an Assessor Provider for the Advanced and Sea Kayak Leader awards, and a provider for the Sea Personal Performance Awards, Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning, and Open Water Navigation and Tidal Planning. She offers sea kayak coaching and expeditions for all level of paddlers and decided to become a Delivery Partner.

Why did you become a Delivery Partner?

Eila Wilkinson

I am a sole trader provider; having the affiliation with British Canoeing helps to provide a level of quality assurance. I would hope it helps to highlight to my course participants, (current, future and unknown) that my ethos and quality of coaching, equipment, safety, and courses offered, meet a certain top-level standard that will meet their expectations. I also wanted to offer reassurance that I am a quality and legitimate provider. 

I know it’s early days, but has it had any impact on your business so far?

It’s difficult to know. People see and comment on the Delivery Partner plaque that is on display. I can also use this in my advertising - I don’t advertise all the British Canoeing courses I can provide but I think the affiliation provides the information for participants to enquire further.

I have received a lot more ad hoc enquires this year.

Why did you choose the Silver package?

I chose the silver scheme due to the benefits it offered; I liked the package and it suited my needs. And there are some excellent resources that I can access through the scheme.  

How did you find the process of becoming a Delivery Partner and what did it involve?

It was so easy I’m not sure I can even remember the registration process!!  

What would you say to anyone considering becoming a Delivery Partner?

I wouldn't hesitate to join the scheme. I personally think it helps give a quality assurance to customers which can only be beneficial.  The linked association and growth within the scheme give credence to us as providers and an excellent platform for British Canoeing to liaise, share ideas and communicate information to us all as a body of providers. It forms a united front for professionals to join.   

Become a Delivery Partner

Becoming a Delivery Partner gives you the opportunity to join a supportive scheme to help you develop and grow your paddlesports activity. The partnership is aimed at the full array of paddlesport activity providers including outdoor centres, hire providers, tour guides, charities and small and large organisations providing paddlesport activity, as well as coaches, leaders and guides.

Choose from our Gold, Silver or Bronze packages of support, each including a variety of benefits. Find out more and become a Partner today!