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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Launch

British Canoeing are delighted to launch #WePaddleTogether - a Strategy for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, which will sit alongside our organisational strategy until 2026. To find out more and read the full strategy, visit the Stronger Together microsite.

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The strategy sets out British Canoeing’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, with a vision to “...ensure there is more equal access to paddling, ongoing championing of diversity in all paddling communities, and that we make a greater effort to better understand how we can collectively create inclusive and welcoming environments where everyone is able to enjoy paddling, regardless of their identity, background or circumstances.

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The publication of the strategy fulfils the ambition set out in Stronger Together to implement a specific strategy on this cross-cutting theme.

The launch of this strategy is just the beginning as we aspire to drive greater change in equality, diversity and inclusion throughout our organisation and the British Canoeing community. We aspire to treat everyone equally, with integrity and respect regardless of their background. As a member’s organisation, it is vital every one of our paddlers, coaches and volunteers as well as those involved in the wider community feel welcomed, valued and respected enabling everyone to have the safest and most enjoyable of paddling experiences. As we look to implement our strategy, we need to embed equality, diversity and inclusion into all our policies, practices and behaviours, ensuring that our objectives are adopted, monitored and reviewed ensuring we can move forwards, make progress and over the next few years deliver real, meaningful change.

– Ashley Metcalfe, CEO, British Canoeing
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British Canoeing has been progressively developing it’s inclusion agenda over the years, such as through the successful #ShePaddles programme; establishing the Inclusion Advisory Group in 2021; and creating new resources and learning opportunities for the paddling community; but #WePaddleTogether - A Strategy for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion represents a more collaborative and holistic organisational approach to inclusion.

#WePaddleTogether is an exciting step in our journey to becoming a more inclusive and diverse organisation to be a part of. We are publishing this strategy in the spirit of transparency and will report openly and honestly on progress made against the objectives we have set ourselves to members and key stakeholders. We hope that everyone in our paddling community will join us on this journey, identifying opportunities to support this work and making a positive impact on our sport and recreation.

– Nancy Squires, Director of Governance, British Canoeing
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The way in which this strategy was developed, and the ambitions that have been identified, set out the path for how we will deliver it - in partnership; with wholesale commitment from British Canoeing; and with robust check-and-challenge along the way. My thanks goes to the many people who were involved in this process, including the IAG and our internal staff network. While we’ve given ourselves plenty to do, I am excited to see what we achieve in the next three years.

– Helena Russo, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead, British Canoeing

For more information on our equality, diversity and inclusion work, visit our website page.

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