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Develop your skills this New Year

As we enter a new year, now is a great time to consider your paddling progression for 2022... Whether you’re looking to develop your personal paddling skills, your safety skills or become an instructor, coach or leader, there’s something for everyone!

Develop your personal paddling skills

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Paddle Awards: If you’re brand new to paddling, the Paddle Awards are a great way to feel confident in a sheltered water environment in any craft; from canoes and kayaks to SUPs. 

These awards help to develop your fundamental skills and decision making, with the aim of working towards independence on the water. 

Select from the three awards available, Start, Discover and Explore, and begin your journey into paddlesport.

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Personal Performance Awards: If you’re looking to improve your personal paddling skills, no matter what discipline or craft you prefer, the Personal Performance Awards are for you! 

These awards support your learning and development for a safe and fun day out on the water, empowering you to make key decisions at the right time. The awards are based on encouraging you in your personal development and learning essential skills. There are 12 disciplines available for you to choose from, and three to five awards within each, so you can tailor your award to your paddling. 

If, for example, you’re looking to develop your SUP skills, there are three awards to choose from - the SUP Sheltered Water Award, the SUP White Water Award and the SUP Paddle Surf Award

If you’re interested in touring, there’s the Touring AwardOpen Water Touring Award and Multi-Day Touring Award

Develop your Safety Skills

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Ensuring yours and other safety on the water is essential in paddlesport. There are various training courses available to support the development of your safety skills, depending on the type of water you usually paddle on. These courses will ensure your safety and rescue techniques support you and your fellow paddlers in your many trips and journeys on the water. 

If you’re new to paddling, the Foundation Safety and Rescue Training is the perfect option to develop your safety and rescue skills in a sheltered water environment. This one day practical course introduces the key skills needed for you to operate safely and deal with common emergencies. This course is open to all paddlers, coaches and volunteers, in any craft or discipline, with a boat-based or bank-based option, giving you the opportunity and support to develop your safety skills.

Become a Paddlesport Instructor

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The Paddlesport Instructor award supports you to deliver paddlesport taster/starter sessions, fun games and mini journeys in very sheltered water environments, to support learning, inspire adventure and exploration. It doesn’t matter if you canoe, kayak or stand up paddleboard, this course allows you to develop your existing skills and passion for paddlesport. 

This is a two day combined training and assessment course, which is open to everyone over the age of 14! The only prerequisites are membership and the Foundation Safety and Rescue Training (FSRT).

Become a Paddlesport Leader

Paddlesport Leader

If you’re looking to lead mixed craft on sheltered water, the Paddlesport Leader is for you! This award supports you to run safe, quality, enjoyable trips based on your group’s needs and aspirations. 

There is optional 2 day British Canoeing Awarding Body training or you can opt for bespoke training, for example, private tuition, in-house training through your work place, working alongside/shadowing other Leaders, or conference/symposium workshops. The only prerequisites are membership, first aid and safeguarding training. There is a 1 day assessment. 

Become a Coach

Coach Award Elearning

If you’re looking to coach paddlers new to paddlesport or paddlers looking to develop their skills within their chosen discipline, the Coach Award is for you! The Coach Award is available across all of our disciplines and environments, from SUP Sheltered Water Coach to Slalom Coach and Open Water Canoe Coach. 

Your journey starts with the Core Coach Training, which can be taken as a 2 day practical course or online modular course. You will explore different approaches to coaching, understanding and enabling learning, and some core coaching skills. You will then complete the two day discipline specific training, for your chosen discipline and environment. This is concluded by a one day assessment. 

Explore all of the Qualifications and Awards on the British Canoeing Award Body website

Find a course on the Paddles Up Training website or visit a Delivery Partner to support the development of your skills.