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Could you be a British Canoeing bug buster?

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A boat is washed down during a previous event at the National Watersports Centre.

British Canoeing are looking to recruit a small group of dedicated volunteers, who will be affectionately known as Bug Busters.

For the last few hundred years people have been bringing unusual plants and animals into the country. 

Many were brought in to enhance someone’s land or out of idle curiosity. 

Today we live with the consequences of their actions. 

What has it got to do with me and as a paddler? 

Well not only do these alien species detrimentally impact our native species but also have a massive impact on our waterways.

Several plant species have caused a major headache to navigation authorities who have

to spend £25 million per year in clearing these plants that block rivers, lakes and canals.

We can unwittingly transfer species from one area to another. 

The very nature of canoeing is that the craft is highly transportable and can go from one water course to another, or even another country.

Why does British Canoeing need your help?

British Canoeing under its Clear Access, Clear Water Campaign is working to protect, preserve and enhance the natural environment. 

We cannot do this alone. Whether a recreational paddler or competition paddler, all paddlers need water that is clean, clear and not obstructed by invasive species. 

The roles are available to people of all abilities and you don’t need to have experience of biosecurity. 

Volunteers will have a variety of tasks to carry out which can be physical (spraying down boats with jet washers) to advising paddlers on how to Check, Clean and Dry and prevent the spread. 

Something for everyone to do.

We are mindful that everyone is busy with their lives so the role will be extremely flexible to suit you. 

We will be running a very informal training session on what bio-security is and how to apply

Check, Clean and Dry to various boats on Sunday 4th Sept 2022 at the National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham. 

This is the same day as the Sprint events on the Regatta Lake.

If you wish to apply to be a volunteer bug buster please contact Richard Atkinson or 07808640108.