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Share the space plea as coarse fishing season begins

The coarse fish season has opened on waterways across England and Wales. 

Fish Envirnoment Agency

Fish stocks increase during the close season (c) Environment Agency

A large number of anglers will likely take to the rivers this weekend so please paddle with care and remember to share the space.

Coarse fishing was not permitted on rivers, streams and drains between 15 March to 15 June, due to the breeding season.

Fish stocks, including barbel, bream, perch and carp, increase during that time and if anyone is found fishing illegally they face prosecution and a hefty fine. 

During the coarse fishing close season anglers can fish lakes, reservoirs and ponds for game species such as salmon and trout. 

Shad and lamprey have international protection and spawn in rivers like the Wye.

Read and download British Canoeing’s complete spawning fish guide

Barbel Spawning In River Environment Agency

Barbel lay their eggs in gravel. (c) Environment Agency

We issued guidance in March to paddlers about fish spawning times and how to avoid interference. 

Gravel spawners are the species most at risk. They may live within the gravel for some time during incubation and after hatching.

It is a criminal offence for anyone to disturb spawning fish or their eggs.

Read more about fish spawning and paddling, here.