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Boom in Quality Clubs

The last few months have seen a flurry of activity around the Quality Club accreditation scheme. In 2022 alone 24 clubs have become accredited, a testament to their hard work and commitment to best practices in the running and management of their clubs.

Quality Clubs Article

Shropshire Paddlesport Club, one of 24 clubs to achieve accreditation this year.

The newly improved 2022 version of the Quality Club Toolkit was launched in March and includes a new section focusing on Equality Diversity & Inclusion.

A series of webinars are being run to support this year’s Programme. These are being attended by the many newly signed-up clubs who are working their way through the scheme.

Congratulations to all the Clubs who have now successfully achieved accreditation:

  • Carlisle Canoe Club

  • Cheltenham Canoe Club

  • Crouch Kayak Club

  • Devizes Canoe Club

  • Exeter Canoe Club

  • Frome Canoe Club

  • Glanford & Scunthorpe Canoe Club

  • Halifax Canoe Club

  • Lee Valley Paddlesports Club

  • Macclesfield & District Canoe Club

  • Norwich Canoe Club

  • Oxford Canoe & Kayak Club

  • Paddleplus

  • Pirates Canoe Club

  • Reading Canoe Club

  • Royal Canoe Club

  • Rugby Canoe Club

  • Shropshire Paddlesport Club

  • Southampton Canoe Club

  • Teignbridge Canoe Club

  • Upton Warren Canoe Club

  • Wiltshire Youth Canoe Club

  • Wombourn

  • Wyedean Canoe Club

The feedback from these clubs has been great. Here's what they had to say about the process of becoming a Quality Club:

"At Carlisle Canoe Club we are proud to have achieved “Quality Club” status. We recognise the importance of good governance and leadership in providing a safe framework in which to operate. The work we have done to achieve this is built on the strong foundation provided by the previous quality and club marks. The easy to follow Quality Club process caused the club to focus more on what we do off the water just as much as on the water. 

The process has steered us to improve how and where we document our policies and processes so they can be handed on to future club and committee members more easily to ensure that our good practices continue and our standards are maintained. Formalisation of our safety briefings and the introduction of a committee members handbook are the two most significant improvements. The club is looking forward to including the new EDI criteria into our standard operating procedures." - Norrie Brown, Carlisle Canoe Club

Carlisle Canoe Club

Carlisle Canoe Club receiving their Quality Club plaque.

"The process provided a great opportunity for us as a club to reflect on the things we do well and recognise where improvements could be made. This provides a good foundation to guide our future growth as a club.” Dee Paterson – Wiltshire Youth Canoe Club

Wiltshire Canoe Club

Wiltshire Canoe Club receiving their Quality Club plaque.

"The process did identify a few gaps in how we operate as a club and from that point of view has been extremely helpful. The principal mindset change is in the area of forwarding planning, in particular succession planning. Becoming a Quality Club will help as we apply for grants and subsidies as it demonstrates to the key decision-makers that we have an accredited governance policy in place. which in turn, will benefit the membership as this funding provides for training and development, equipment refresh and facility hire." - Sammy Deans, Pirates Canoe Club

Pirates Canoe Club

Pirates Canoe Club receiving their Quality Club plaque.

20+ clubs have already signed up, with more joining all the time to work through the process this year. These clubs will be looking to work together to help each other through the accreditation process over the next few months.

If your club would like to get involved in the program and work towards becoming a Quality Club you can find more information along with the registration form for the Club Improvement Programme in The Clubhouse.

If you have any questions, please get in contact with our Club Support Officer, Phil Scowcroft at [email protected]