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2023 World Class Programme Qualification Policies are now live

The qualification policies for canoe sprint, canoe slalom & extreme slalom and paracanoe World Class Performance Programmes for 2023 have now been published.

Through its partnership with UK Sport, the purpose of the British Canoeing World Class Programme is to enable athletes to achieve excellence and be capable of medal winning performances at the Paris and Los Angeles Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as other significant championships events. 

These policies set out the process that will be followed by the respective programmes throughout 2022 to identify the best athletes and how they can qualify to the World Class Programme in 2023.

The policies also include full details of the funding matrixes in order to give clarity to athletes on how performances will be assessed during the 2022 international season and equally how athletes will be ranked based on the published priority order of the competitions.

Please note, this is not a team selection policy and has no connection with the prevailing British Canoeing team selection policies.  

For further information, see the full policies below:

2023 Canoe Slalom and Extreme Slalom World Class Programme Qualification Policy

2023 Canoe Sprint World Class Programme Qualification Policy

2023 Paracanoe World Class Programme Qualification Policy