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SUP Safe with Red Paddle Co | Safety Awareness Month

Inflatable paddle board brand, Red Paddle Co, have announced their SUP Safety campaign will run throughout the month of April 2021.

With more and more people trying paddle boarding for the first time and the access to lessons having been restricted over the last few months, the Red Paddle Co team are preparing to educate the paddle boarding community and help increase awareness and knowledge of SUP safety in the UK. 

The brand are uniting key governing bodies and water safety experts to help elevate the principal campaign and will be utilising Red Paddle Co’s vast network of paddle boarding schools and shops to spread the SUP safety message far and wide during the month of April and beyond.

The team have simplified the key message using the acronym P.L.O.T (Personal Floatation Device, Leash, Offshore winds, Telephone) prompting everyone to think about these four fundamental safety factors before hitting the water. The campaign will be shared in the form of printed flyers and online throughout the brands global network of retailers and SUP schools and on social media platforms.

The communication plans will help educate and raise awareness of key safety principles for paddle boarding and water users in general, and with support from water safety institutions including the RLSS and British Canoeing, each endorsing the safety messages, the campaign aims to reach anyone and everyone who may be thinking about paddling this year to follow the best practice for getting on the water safely.

Jenny Spencer, British Canoeing Membership Marketing Manager said:

"In the last 12 months we’ve seen a big increase in new paddlers joining us as members and it’s been fantastic to see so many of these discovering the joys of stand-up paddle boarding."

For all paddlers it’s important to be mindful of keeping safe whilst on the water and so we’re really pleased to be working with Red Paddle Co to support their water safety campaign. We want to ensure that paddlers are well informed, make good choices and have positive experiences. Like anything new, developing good habits and getting informative advice early helps you to get the most out of what you are doing and enjoy your time on the water.

– Jenny Spencer, British Canoeing Membership Marketing Manager

The campaign will kickstart on April 1st, but the team will endorse their safety messages throughout 2021 and beyond. James Kelsall, Brand Sales Manager for Red Rescue advised there is a duty of care for the Red brand to drive home these safety principles and ultimately reduce avoidable tragedies on the water.

“The amazing thing about stand-up paddle boarding is how accessible it is – it is incredibly easy to get out and enjoy the water."

This ease of access also means that paddleboarders can sometimes get themselves into dangerous situations without realising. At Red, we know that we are doing everything we can to provide our customers with the best quality, most safe and reliable equipment available. Alongside this however, we feel it is vital to do our part to help paddlers everywhere to be aware of the risks and follow a few simple rules to keep themselves safe and happy on the water.

– James Kelsall, Brand Sales Manager for Red Rescue

Keep an eye out on the British Canoeing and Red Paddle Co social media channels over the next month for some top safety tips, information, advice and story telling!