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Nominate for the 2022 Delivery Partner Awards

The aim of the Delivery Partner Awards is to identify and celebrate the achievements and examples of good practice across the Delivery Partnership, including those who exemplify our values and the Delivery Partner Charter.

These awards are aimed at any Delivery Partner, regardless of the size of the organisation. Partners can self-nominate or nominate members of their staff or volunteers. Members of the public can also nominate a Delivery Partner, staff member or volunteer.

Nomination Categories

The award categories are -

Quality Experience Award: Recognising a Delivery Partner that has delivered high quality paddlesport experiences, delivered an impactful new product, delivered an outstanding performance or created innovative opportunities.

Every Person Matters Award: Recognising a Delivery Partner or individual that highly values their team of employees and/or volunteers. They invest in their team's development, consider their work/ life balance and health and wellbeing. Working and volunteering has a positive impact on their lives and development.

Engagement Award: This award is in recognition of an individual or a Delivery Partner who have engaged with groups, communities or individuals through paddlesport who wouldn't normally have the opportunity.  Whether it be working with a community group to introduce them to paddling or developing paddlers over a longer period to be more independent. This could include the use of the BCAB Paddle Awards or initiatives like Go Paddling Month.

Committed to the Environment Award: This award celebrates individuals or a Delivery Partner that has made a clear positive impact on environmental issues. This might be campaigning locally, negotiating better access for paddlers or going above and beyond to protect and preserve or enhance the environment.

Submit your nomination

Nominations are open until Wednesday 1st December 2021. Any member of the community can submit unlimited nominations against each award. Please use the online form below to submit your nomination.

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