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NEW! Stay safe on the water video series and printables

British Canoeing and Go Paddling are pleased to announce you can now access eight new safety videos and printout infographics, aimed at new paddlers.

The eight videos available in the suite cover everything from stand up paddle boarding to canoes and kayaks, getting on and off the water safely, preparing for weather, wind and tides and much, much more. 

Through collaborative working, the British Canoeing coaching department and Go Paddling team created the videos to tackle many of the more common issues paddlers face when they're brand new to the sport. Each video is accompanied by a printable sheet or checklist, to make sure you're fully prepared before you head out on the water in each situation. 

The videos, hosted via the Go Paddling platform, aim to educate paddlers and promote safe practice on the waterways and when paddling at the beach for example this summer. Find out more about how to paddle safely on our Go Paddling website here.

New to paddling yourself? Make sure you check out the videos you need below: