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January Catch Up with Coaching

Happy New Year! We are pleased to share that the NEW Leadership and Raft Guide Awards are now available, as well as the supportive resources. This month we also bring you 2 new Personal Performance Awards, an update to the World Anti Doping Code and information about choosing the correct SUP leash. 

New Leadership and Raft Guide Awards now available

British Canoeing is pleased to announce that the NEW Leadership and Raft Guide Awards are now available. The awards suite aligns to the British Canoeing Educational Philosophy and supports leaders and raft guides to run safe, quality, enjoyable trips, based on their group’s needs and aspirations.

  • NEW resources to support your development: There are a range of NEW resources available to support you in your development as a Leader or Raft Guide, as well as resources to support your trips and journeys. Ranging from the NEW Self-Analysis tool to leading in unfamiliar environments eLearning and the leading mixed craft guidance, there's something to support every leader and raft guide. 
  • NEW Stadium Personal Performance Awards: British Canoeing is pleased to announce that we are introducing two new Personal Performance Awards, for those looking to develop their personal skills on man-made artificial white water courses. The NEW Stadium White Water Award and Progressive Stadium White Water Awards are designed to develop your ability to apply appropriate decision making skills for a safe day out white water paddling on a man-made, white water venue.
  • Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) safety: choosing the correct leash: The leash is a key source of safety when paddle boarding. It keeps you and your paddleboard together when things don’t go to plan. However, to stay safe it is essential to choose the right kind of leash for the environment and conditions you are paddling in. Failure to do so could put your safety at risk.
  • New World Anti Doping Code: On 1 January 2021, a new version of the World Anti-Doping Code came into effect. The Code is an essential document which harmonises anti-doping policies, rules and regulations around the globe and impacts all athletes, coaches and sports organisations. Not only is keeping our sport clean all of our responsibilities, but all members of British Canoeing are required to abide by the British Canoeing anti-doping rules, so it is important you understand your responsibilities.

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Interested in delivering the Personal Performance Awards?

Ppa Provider

Instructors, Coaches, Leaders, Raft Guides and Bell Boat Helms can deliver some of the Personal Performance Awards. All aspirant Providers will need to complete the Provider eLearning. The eLearning provides 10 CPD points and access to a range of logos to use for your marketing and promotion. Click here to start your eLearning today!