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INNS - About Quagga Mussels…

Another year comes to an end and if you’re already starting to think about your New Year resolutions, how about making a pledge to Check, Clean, Dry. 

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At the request of the Environment Agency, the University of Hull carried out a survey to investigate the presence of the highly invasive Quagga Mussel and Zebra Mussel on both the Grand Union Canal in Loughborough and on the River Trent at the National Water Sports Centre.

But what are they? Quagga and Zebra Mussels are particularly problematic as they are prodigious water filterers, removing substantial amounts of microscopic plants and animals known as phytoplankton from the water. This can lead to a change in the food chain as there will be less phytoplankton available for the other animals to feed on and therefore a high chance that they may disappear from the aquatic environment of the lake or canal altogether.

Quagga mussels can quickly colonise, clogging water intake pipes and underwater screens. They also destroy the native mussel population.

There is obvious concern that the number of different boats from different locations pass through each site and could potentially unwittingly spread this invasive non-native species.

By cleaning your boat before arriving and cleaning it again before leaving the site you can stop the spread. You can find out more about Check, Clean, Dry here: stop the spread.