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Have your say on the new strategic plan for British Canoeing – Stronger Together 2022-26

This strategy has been developed through extensive consultation and we are still listening carefully to ensure it meets the needs of members and stakeholders and responds to the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Stronger Together 2022-2026 presents a plan for the whole of British Canoeing; for the board and staff, for clubs and centres, regions and disciplines and other committees, for the national associations and for our many national, regional and local partners.

It incorporates some actions which are UK wide, and others which will impact only in England. This is in keeping with the UK and English responsibilities of British Canoeing and the devolved management structure for canoeing in the UK.

The national associations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each have their own strategies which focus on home country delivery.

Stronger Together is intended to provide the blueprint for us all to work towards shared goals and ambitions. It seeks to bring together the skills, enthusiasm and commitment of all of those individuals and organisations who want to play their part in building an even brighter future for paddling in England and throughout the UK.

Stronger Together 2022-26 is building on the last strategy of 2017-2021. It presents a strategy which is an evolution of the work and progress of the last four years.

Over the next four years we will place a far greater emphasis on equality, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the organisation and we will develop and encourage coordinated action to deliver our new sustainability strategy from 2022. With so many more paddlers there will also be an increased focus on helping people to paddle safely and to be custodians of the natural environment.

This is the final consultation with members around the Purpose, Mission, Ambitions, Actions and Key Performance Indicators of the new strategy.

We have not included within this consultation, the context pages which will introduce the final version of the new strategy.

The draft version and a series of questions are available on Survey Monkey.

The survey is open until 12:00 midday on Monday 6 December.

We look forward to receiving your feedback before we then finalise and launch the new strategy in March 2022.