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Have your say on the new British Canoeing Strategy 2022-2025

British Canoeing is inviting members and the paddling community to help us shape the next strategic plan, by sharing your views and completing a new online survey.

British Canoeing Strategy 2022-25 survey - open until Sunday 9 May 2021

Our current strategic plan: Stronger Together

Stronger Together, the strategic Plan for British Canoeing 2017-2021 was developed following extensive consultation with members and was launched in March 2017.

Considerable progress has been made towards the 11 ambitions, 20 key performance indicators and 67 actions.

Full progress is reported within the Annual Reviews and the latest report for 2020-21 is available on our website.


Our new strategy 2022-25

During 2021, we will be consulting on the next strategy for 2022-25.  The online survey is the first stage.

We will consult again with members in the autumn and expect to launch the strategy in March 2022.

We conducted some initial consultation in early 2020 and a summary of the findings can be found here.

British Canoeing has also recently conducted the 2020 membership satisfaction survey and insight project with Goodform, which received over 6,000 responses.

The initial findings can be found here.


Why do we need a strategy and who is it for?

It is intended that the strategy will provide a framework for the growth and delivery of paddling over the next 4 years.  Some aspects will impact across the UK, whilst many others will focus on delivery in England.

The strategy will be there for those who wish to engage with it, and will encouraged coordinated action between the board, committees and staff of British Canoeing, the many national partners who have a stake in the delivery and growth of paddling, the clubs, and the many other providers of paddling at a local level.

As a national governing body, British Canoeing has English and UK functions.

The survey is aimed at English based members of British Canoeing, as paddlers from Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales will be members of their respective national association.

Completing this survey

We invite you to complete those sections of the online survey that are of most interest to you. You are not required to complete the whole survey.  

The list of sections are listed below:

  1. Attracting New Paddlers and Supporting Recreational Paddlers
  2. Engaging with SUP
  3. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  4. Increasing Membership, improving member satisfaction and retention
  5. Improving Access and Promoting Places to Paddle
  6. Environmental Awareness and protection, sustainability
  7. Supporting Instructors, Coaches, Leaders and Delivery Partners
  8. Engaging, supporting and developing Volunteers
  9. Supporting Clubs
  10. Providing excellent recreational events and competitions
  11. Creating pathways to performance and international success

The closing date for the survey is Sunday 9 May.

Thank you in advance for sharing your views with us.