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GB Teams selected for Canoe Polo European Championships

The Great Britain teams have been officially selected for the upcoming Canoe Polo European Championships, to be held on the 4th-10th October, in Catania, Italy.

The Senior Men’s team hope to improve on their silver medal result in 2019’s Europeans in Coimbra, Portugal. Two players are different from the previous European team, following Jay Mallon and Jack Playford’s break from the sport. Dave Edwards continues to bring his years of creating successful teams as coach. 

Following two years of medal success, the Senior Women’s team are now bringing on a development team, with four players making their championship debut. They are supported by new coaches Leighton James and Lee Busby.

This is the final year for three of the U21 Women to finish their campaign for the top of the podium before they age out. They ended a fourth place curse for a silver medal finish in 2019, can the coach Alan Vessey lead them to one place higher?
For the first time, half of the U21 Men’s team are representatives of Northern Ireland. The team have come on in leaps and bounds since 2019, a credit to coach Andy Lowthorpe, and showed an encouraging result of 5th at the recent ECA. 

The British teams competing at the 2021 European Championships are:

Senior Women
1 Nicole Hudson (C), East End Canoe Polo Club/Meridian CC
2 Claire Medina, Kingston Kayak Club
3 Lucy Boyce, Meridian CC
5 Kirsten Lee, Manchester Wildcats Canoe Polo Club
6 Rhian Griffiths, Aberfan CC
7 Dani Wilcock, East End Canoe Polo Club
8 Eleanor McBay, East End Canoe Polo Club/Meridian CC

Coach - Leighton James, Kingston Kayak Club

Assistant Coach - Lee Busby, Kingston Kayak Club

1 Kartik McCutcheon, Friends of Allonby Canoe Club Liverpool
2 Suryan McCutcheon (C), Friends of Allonby Canoe Club Liverpool
4 Alex Lowthorpe, Kingston Kayak Club
5 Ross Martin, Kingston Kayak Club
6 Ross Montgomery, Viking Canoe Polo Club
7 Lewis Hammond, Kingston Kayak Club
8 Nick Spencer, Kingston Kayak Club
9 Shivan McCutcheon, Friends of Allonby Canoe Club Liverpool

Coach - Dave Edwards, Pennine Canoe and Rowing Club

U21 Women
1 Katie Farley (C), Penrith CC/Bridgend CC
2 Amira Raoudi, Friends of Allonby Canoe Club Liverpool
3 Sara Lanao-Madden, Belfast Kayak Academy
4 Emily Wilkinson, Kingston Kayak Club
6 Jessica Webb, Cherwell CC
7 Ruby Isserlis, St Albans CC
8 Katie Howes, Bridgend CC

Coach - Alan Vessey, St Albans CC

Assistant Coach - Caitlin Fox, Meridian CC

U21 Men
1 Caleb Bowden, Belfast Kayak Academy
2 Finn Cain, St Albans CC
3 Chris Underwood, Viking Canoe Polo Club
4 Ben Muller, Bridgend CC
5 Angus Boyle, Belfast Kayak Academy
7 Daragh McConvey, Belfast Kayak Academy
8 Santanam McCutcheon, Friends of Allonby Canoe Club Liverpool
9 Fergal McConvey (C), Belfast Kayak Academy

Coach - Andy Lowthorpe, Kingston Kayak Club