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Explore the British Canoeing eLearning

Now is a great opportunity to take the time and explore the range of FREE eLearning that British Canoeing offers. There are a range of packages suitable for paddlers, parents, instructors, coaches and leaders but here are our top picks!


Buoyage E Learning

This fun activity gives you lots of information about the different types of buoys. Once you've got all the information, it's time to test your knowledge with the quiz! Compare your results with your friends and try to beat their score!

First Aid

The basics of First Aid are important for anyone. This activity gives lots of information about the First Aid that is relevant to paddlesports. There’s also a quiz to test your knowledge and challenge your friends.

During this time, any Instructors, Coaches, Leaders and Guides who are struggling to renew their First Aid qualification can complete the First Aid extension eLearning. Find out more here.

Introduction to Environmental Awareness

Elearning Environment

Environmental awareness is a huge topic for anyone, including paddlers. Check out this activity that explores problems affecting the environment and what you as a paddler can do to help. The activity explores potential threats, invasive species and plastic patrol with some exciting games!


This interactive Leadership eLearning is great for any Leader or those thinking about becoming a Leader. This activity takes you through the British Canoeing Model of Leadership which you can apply to your leading once we’re back out on the water!

Ppa Small

Personal Performance Awards

Now is a brilliant time for all Bell Boat Helms, Raft Guides, Instructors, Coaches and Leaders to work through the Personal Performance Awards eLearning so you can get ready to deliver the awards straight away, once we’re back out on the water! The activities give a range of information on how you can support your paddlers through the awards. You even get 10 CPD points. 

Check out all of the British Canoeing eLearning in the Digital Library.