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Five Brits into European Freestyle Finals

Another strong showing on day three of the 2021 ECA Canoe Freestyle European Championships saw five of the British team progress through to Saturday's finals in Paris, Vaires-sur-Marne with some show stopping performances.


Photos: Andy Aldred

Two-time Junior World Champion Ottilie Robinson-Shaw was the first of the British team to progress through to Saturday, with a fantastic display in the women's kayak surface semi-final.

Off the back of a successful day on Thursday, Ottilie went out and delivered once again on the French course, posting a score of 430.00 to top the leaderboard and safely book her spot in the final, with the semi-finals only allowing one run per athlete.

Teammates Emma Witherford and Lowri Davies narrowly missed out on joining Ottilie in the final stage, finishing sixth and seventh with scores of 253.33 and 250.00 respectively.

An incredible display from Toby Marlow saw the 18-year-old storm the junior men's kayak surface semi-finals.

Competing in the second semi-final of the day, Toby throw down some impressive moves to see him clear of the competition with a score of 1063.33, near 300 points ahead of second place.  

Teammate Ben Higson was extremely close to progressing too, but missed out on the top five required with a total of 473.33, 6.67 behind Germany's Paul Ernst.

A score of 183.33 saw Jennifer Leal comfortably earn a spot in the final day of competition after finishing in second place of the junior women's kayak surface semi-finals. The British competitor was only 26.67 away from qualifying through in top position and take confidence going into that final five.

Charlee Aldred's score of 90.00 was unfortunately not enough to see her join Jennifer into Saturday, after finishing joint seventh.

Matthew Stephenson and James Ibbotson were the final two to book their spot into the finals after some strong performances in the canoe decked surface semi-finals. Matthew posted a great score of 476.66 in semi-final 2 to finish third, whilst James occupied the final qualification place with a total of 410.00. Unfortunately Adam Ramadan didn't progress after finishing 11th with a total of 90.00.

Harry Price was first up for the day in the men's kayak surface semi-finals, but his score of 456.67 saw the  2017 World Championship junior bronze medallist miss out in tenth.

Results for Friday 8th October 

Men’s Kayak Surface

Harry Price – 10th with 456.67

Women’s Kayak Surface

Emma Witherford – 6th with 253.33

Ottilie Robinson-Shaw – 1st with 430.00 and qualifies for final

Lowri Davies – 7th with 250.00

Men’s Kayak surface Junior Semi-final

Ben Higson – 6th with 473.33

Toby Marlow – 1st with 1063.33 and qualifies for final

Women’s Kayak surface junior semi-final

Charlee Aldred – 7th with 90.00

Jennifer Leal – 2nd with 183.33 and qualifies for final

Canoe Decked Surface

James Ibbotson - 5th with 410.00 and qualifies for final

Matthew Stephenson – 3rd with 476.67 and qualifies for final

Adam Ramadan 11th with 90.00

Schedule for Saturday 9th October

Women’s Kayak Surface Junior Final

Jennifer Leal - 11.35

Men's Kayak Surface Junior Final

Toby Marlow - 12.30

 Canoe Decked Surface Final

James Ibbotson & Matthew Stephenson - 13:25

Women’s Kayak Surface Final

Ottilie Robinson-Shaw - 14:20

Ottilie Robinson-Shaw leads the charge on day two of Freestyle Euros

Day two of the ECA Canoe Freestyle European Championships saw 11 more Brits over three classes throwing it down in Paris, Vaires-sur-Marne to secure a semi-final space on Friday.

The morning started off with the Women’s Kayak surface with Britain’s two-time Junior World Champion Ottilie Robinson-Shaw storming into first place with a combined score of 640.00 to successfully confirm her place in tomorrow’s semi-finals.

Lowri Davies and Emma Witherford will also progress into tomorrow’s semi-final after placing fifth and eighth respectively. Lowri achieved a combined score of 420.00 with a 196.67 on her first ride and 223.33 on her second ride. Emma did enough in her first run with a score of 396.67.

Heidi Walsh narrowly missed out on the top ten qualifying after placing just one place out in 11th. Her first ride scored 306.67 but she had a costly second ride. Kim Aldred finished in 18th overall.

Later in the day, the juniors took to the feature to lay down their marker with the Junior Men’s Kayak Surface starting first. Toby Marlow placed third in the qualifiers after achieving the highest scoring ride of the round. He had a combined total of 810.00 with 643.33 on his first run and 166.67 on his second. Fellow Brit, Ben Higson also took a spot in tomorrow’s semi-final after placing sixth in the qualifying rounds. Patrick Kyle just missed out on progressing after placing 12th.

To finish off the day was the Women’s Surface Kayak Juniors. Jennifer Leal put down two really competitive rides and landed herself in second with an overall score of 470.00. Charlie Aldred will join her in tomorrow’s semi-finals after ranking fifth with Rebekah Green missing out in 15th

Results for Thursday 7th October

Women’s Kayak Surface

Ottilie Robinson-Shaw – 1st with 640.00 - qualifies to Friday’s Semi-Final

Lowri Davies – 5th with 420.00 - qualifies to Friday’s Semi-Final

Emma Witherford – 8th with 396.67 - qualifies to Friday’s Semi-Final

Heidi Walsh – 12th with 306.67

Men’s Kayak Surface Junior

Toby Marlow – 3rd with 810.00 - qualifies to Friday’s Semi-Final

Ben Higson – 6th with 696.67 - qualifies to Friday’s Semi-Final

Patrick Kyle – 12th with 373.33

Women’s Kayak Surface Junior

Jennifer Leal – 2nd with 470.00 - qualifies to Friday’s Semi-Final

Charlie Aldred – 6th with 170.00 - qualifies to Friday’s Semi-Final

Rebekah Green – 15th with 0


Schedule for Friday 8th October

Men’s Kayak Surface

Harry Price – 08:30

Women’s Kayak Surface

Emma Witherford – 08:55

Ottilie Robinson-Shaw – 9:20

Lowri Davies – 9:20

Men’s Kayak surface Junior Semi-final

Ben Higson – 09:45

Toby Marlow – 10:10

Women’s Kayak surface junior semi-final

Charlie Aldred – 10:35

Jenifer Leal – 13:00

 Canoe Decked Surface

James Ibbotson – 13:25

Matthew Stephenson – 14:15

Eight British athletes in action on day one of Canoe Freestyle European Championships 

Eight British athletes kicked off day one of the 2021 ECA Canoe Freestyle European Championships in Vaires-sur-Marne, France, with the men’s kayak surface and men’s decked C1 athletes throwing down their moves in search of a spot in their respective semi-finals on Friday.

Fighting for a top ten spaces to progress through to the semi-finals, five British athletes all went head to head against 36 of Europe’s best K1M athletes to try and secure one of these spots

All the British paddlers put on some amazing performances with Harry Price at the top end of the field in third to book his spot in the next round. Harry achieved a fantastic total score of 2110.00 points with 820.00 on his first ride and 1290.00 on his second ride. The 2017 World Championship junior bronze medallist will compete again in Friday’s K1M semi-final and will be fighting for a place in the weekend’s final.

The other four K1M British athletes in action on day one (James Bebbington, Rob Crowe, Alan Ward and Gav Barker) narrowly missed out on the ten qualifying spots after posting some excellent rides across the sessions.

Just missing out on the top ten, Alan Ward placed 14th with a combined result of 1393.33, delivering 680.00 on his first ride before going on to improve his total with 713.33 on his second run.

One place behind him, Gavin Barker finished in 15th with a combined total of 1353.33 impressing with 803.33 on his first ride and posting 550.00 on his second.

Narrowly behind them was James Bebbington in 17th with a combined score of 1158.34 and whilst in 20th, Robert Crowe finished the heats with a score of 1026.67.

Elsewhere, the C1 decked athletes saw 14 competitive athletes in action with only 10 spots up for grabs in semi-finals.  All three British athletes qualified through safely and will be back on the water on Friday.

Matthew Stephenson put down two competitive rides and finished in fourth with a combined score of 813.34 (386.67 on his first ride and 426.67 on his second).

James Ibbotson secured seventh place after completing two rides on the challenging feature, whilst British teammate Adam Ramadan was close behind in ninth place.

The action continues tomorrow with the Women’s Kayak surface starting at 09:10 followed by the Junior Men’s kayak starting at 1. Later in the afternoon will see the Junior Women’s Kayak at 14:40.

Results for Wednesday 6 October

Men’s Kayak Surface

Harry Price – 3rd with 2110 – qualifies to Friday’s Semi-Final

Alan Ward – 14th with 1393.33

Gavin Barker – 15th with 1353.33

James Bebbington – 17th with 1158.34

Robert Crowe – 20th with 1026.67


Canoe Decked Surface

Matthew Stephenson – 4th with 813.34 – qualifies to Friday’s Semi-Final

James Ibbotson – 7th with 263.33 - qualifies to Friday’s Semi-Final

Adam Ramadan – 9th with 223.33 - qualifies to Friday’s Semi-Final


Schedule for Thursday 7 October

Women’s Surface Kayak

Kim Aldred – 09:35

Lowri Davies – 09:35

Ottlie Robinson-Shaw – 10:00

Emma Witherford – 10:30

Heidi Walsh – 10:30


Men’s Kayak Surface Junior

Toby Marlow – 13:00

Ben Higson – 13:50

Patrick Kyle – 14:15


Women’s Kayak Surface Junior

Jennifer Leal – 15:05

Rebekah Green – 15:30

Charlee Aldred – 15:30


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