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Canoe Slalom International Panel Statement – 6 April 2021

The Canoe Slalom International Panel has released a further update following the publication of the 2021 selection policies in late 2020 and the updates issued on 28th January and 1st March and aims to provide a further update following the recent updates from Home Nation Governments and the trajectory of Covid-19 cases.

The Panel remains cautiously optimistic at being able to run a selection process in 2021 and wish to update on the intention of the panel which does remain subject to change if necessary. The international landscape remains very unclear but as we await further detail, we will focus on taking the first steps by aiming to complete selection processes within the UK. We continue to monitor the appropriateness and ability to attend international competitions in line with health and wellbeing considerations and government guidance on a race by race risk assessed basis in line with a process agreed with the BC Board.

The full statement can be found here.