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Canoe Slalom & Extreme Slalom athletes selected onto the British Canoeing World Class Programme for 2022

Subject to appeals and subject to final acceptance by UK Sport, British Canoeing has nominated 20 athletes to the UK Sport National Lottery funded World Class Programmes (WCP) in Canoe Slalom & Extreme Slalom as it builds towards the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and beyond.

In addition three non programme ‘prospect support’ athletes are nominated as part of the same review process.

The cohort of 20 athletes have been nominated after a rigorous assessment process which looked at a number of factors including recent and past performances and in particular an evidence based assessment of future potential based upon performance data and trajectory data as outlined in the programme qualification policy. 

Subject to final acceptance, nominated athletes will receive financial assistance from UK Sport’s Athlete Performance Award (APA) alongside support for training camps and international competitions for the 2022 season. They will also have access to coaching, sport science support and medical services.

Canoe Slalom & Extreme Slalom WCP: (in no specific order)



Mallory Franklin

Kimberley Woods

Adam Burgess

Ryan Westley

David Florence

Bradley Forbes Cryans

Joseph Clarke

Bethan Forrow

Ellis Miller

Sophie Ogilvie

Kurts Adams Rozentals*

Luc Royle

Peter Linksted

Nikita Setchell

Lois Leaver

Megan Hamer-Evans

Christopher Bowers

Jonny Dickson

Ben Haylett

Thomas Mayer

*Nomination pending confirmation of eligibility

Prospect Support:

Prospect Support

James Kettle

Phoebe Spicer

Sam Leaver

Athletes nominated for Prospect support are required to accept their place within the 48 hour appeals window and agree with the WCP Academy Lead how primary their support will be delivered relative to Home Nation programmes. Please email Andy Maddock to accept your place- [email protected]

The nominated lists of athletes are subject to the British Canoeing appeals process and final ratification by UK Sport. The publication of these nominations opens the 48 hour appeal window. Details of the full appeals process can be found here. All review requests (Stage 1) must be submitted to Andy Maddock [email protected] by 5pm on Wednesday 17th November 2021.

For more information please see the Programme Qualification Policies under the ‘useful downloads’ section on the funded programme page of the website

If you have questions about this procedure or if you would like some guidance,  please seek some support from your coach, your parent/carer, or another trusted person. Our Performance Wellbeing Coach Zofia Campbell ([email protected] is also available to advise. If you are a WCP athlete you can contact the British Athletes Commission for independent advice and support ([email protected]).