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Canal & River Trust update the Waterway Code for paddlers, boaters and anglers

British Canoeing and paddlers across the country have worked with the Canal & River Trust to help shape and update their new Waterway Code. The code has been produced for paddlers, boaters and anglers to help all those who share the water understand and be considerate of each other’s needs, especially in light of the recent increase in people using the waterways for a variety of recreational activities.

Waterway Code

Many people discovered the joys of the waterways during lockdown and this summer, with overseas travel still largely restricted, private leisure boating, hire boat holidays, paddle sports and angling are expected to be more popular than ever. This is a timely reminder to share the space considerately.

Boaters, anglers and paddle sports enthusiasts are likely be familiar with much of the advice which offers common sense guidance and is an updated version of a previously published Code. Now is a good time to refresh your understanding and share with new members of the community, to ensure everyone is sharing the space.

Find the updated Waterway Code here

The Waterway Code is a companion to the Towpath Code, which covers towpaths and cycling.  The aim of both advisory codes is to make the waterways pleasant and safe places for everyone who uses them.