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What is a Vice President of British Canoeing and how can I nominate?

The Vice President Award is:

  • Open to nominations from any member of any National Association (British Canoeing, SCA, Canoe Wales, CANI).
  • The awarding of Vice President is the highest honour within British Canoeing and reserved for those who have made an exceptional lifetime commitment to the sport.
  • This award recognises those who have made the most unique contribution to the sport either as a participant, coach or administrator at National Association level, at UK level or at International level.
  • Nominations can be made by the Board of any National Association, any club or committee within the organisational structure of British Canoeing and the National Associations.
  • Nominations from the membership for the panel to consider can be submitted at any point in the year and will need to go to the AGM for approval by the membership.

How do I nominate?

Nominations should come through the online form. You can find the form here

What information is required for the panel to judge?

You need to bring your nomination to life!

You can attach other documents to the nomination form to help paint a picture of your nominee. You might like to consider including photos, newspaper articles, quotes from other club members, committee members or paddling friends.

You need to make sure your nomination meets the criteria for the award and then explain why. The criteria can be found here

You also need to tell us why you think they should win the award.

We’ve suggested a word limit of between 250-500 words for each question. Don’t be too concise, the more information the panel have about your nominee the easier it is for them to make a decision.

Make sure you include information such as:

  • The name of the club, the Centre the team or the committee they have been part of. They may be a part of all of those!
  • How long they have been involved
  • What level have they been involved at – local, regional, national or international
  • What sort of activities have they done, eg, do they coach, are they on the committee
  • Are they involved with recreational paddling and/ or competition
  • What sort of person they are, eg, do they enthuse and motivate, are they calm and collected under pressure?

Nominations are welcome all year round but if you want your nomination to be considered for the next panel meeting then your will need to submit by the 16th June.

If you would like any more information about the Awards or the nomination process then please email [email protected]

Looking for inspiration?

Read more about our recent Vice Presidents here.