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We are pleased to share some exciting news

We will be rebranding the Delivery Centre function from today (29th June 2020) to be able to better support Learners and Providers, as well as provide more clarity.

Paddles Up Training Full Colour Logo

These changes only affect the Delivery Centre function that provides British Canoeing qualifications in England and Internationally.

British Canoeing qualifications will continue to be provided by the other Delivery Centres, in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Delivery Centre for English and International paddlers will be Paddles Up Training and will continue to provide high quality service and support. There is no impact on our current way of working, providers will still run British Canoeing courses in the same manner - they will however be promoted, and advertised through Paddles Up Training. 

Over the summer, we will be launching a new Paddles Up Training website which has been designed for learners to access high quality learning, whilst supporting and promoting the great work of our providers. 

The NEW website will have some great features, including:

  • Intuitive search and finder functions
  • Simple and interactive development guidance
  • Check your Update expiry instantly
  • Live chat function

We would love to tell you more about our plans. Click on the links below to book onto the upcoming webinars or read our Frequently Asked Questions document. 

Click here to view the FAQs.

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