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The Telegraph highlights access limitations

Great to hear Baroness Grey-Thompson discussing the benefits for better access for everybody.

Following on from the BBC coverage last week, it was great to hear Baroness Grey-Thompson, discussing the benefits for better access for everybody to our waterways.

A continuation of the debate in the House of Lords, she gives the Telegraph’s Chief Political Correspondent Christopher Hope a very easy and compelling overview of how the various proposed amendments to the new Agricultural Bill will help to incentivise landowners to provide access to paddlers, swimmers, bathers and other recreational water users.

You can listen to the segment from the Chopper’s Politics podcast hosted by the Telegraph’s chief political correspondent, Christopher Hope, above or by clicking here and fast forwarding to 15minutes 55seconds.

Christopher Hope has also written an article for The Telegraph’s subscribers which can be accessed by clicking here.

There continues to be a huge amount of work going on with the Places to Paddle team working with colleagues at The Ramblers, the Outdoor Swimming Society and others in the outdoor industry which has led to the issue of access being debated in the House of Lords and highlighted across mainstream media outlets.

For more information about the Clear Access, Clear Waters campaign head to