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Talent Club Partnership launches consultation on sprint strategy proposals

The Talent Club Partnership Programme was launched by British Canoeing in 2018 with the aims of strengthening the club development system, supporting every athlete to be the best they can be and supporting the development of more performance coaches within the British Canoeing pathway.

Eleven sprint racing clubs were involved in the first phase of the programme and some positive developments occurred:

  • 34% increase in the number of junior athletes training 5X a week

  • 26 new paid coaching roles 

  • 30 junior athletes (103% increase) achieving the performance standard to be considered for England Talent Programme qualification. 

Proposals for Consultation - The Talent Club Partnership from April 2021

This first phase of the Programme comes to an end on the 31st March 2021 and this consultation document outlines the proposed changes to the programme together with key dates and next steps for the 2021-2025 programme.

The Talent Club Partnership (TCP) is evolving and will be a key part of the new Sprint Performance Strategy. The consultation within the Sprint Performance Strategy has outlined the need for stronger clubs, more paid coaching positions, for better links across the pathway and for clubs and British Canoeing to work more collaboratively to enable the sport as a whole to grow and to be successful on the world stage. 

Whilst it is recognised that the timelines associated with relaunching the next phase of the Talent Club Programme  are a little ahead of the launch of the Strategy, it is also understood that now is a good time to review the programme and take steps to ensure its continuation from April 2021.

We are seeking your consultation to these proposals to help us shape and steer the programme in line with the Sprint Performance Strategy and for the needs of the sport. To consult on these proposals, please complete this survey.   

Consultation responses to these proposals will be considered until the 12th of October. From this date there will be a period of consideration on any suggestions or amendments proposed before the programme will be relaunched and the application process opened from the 26th October.

It is recognised that the Talent Club Partnership encapsulates more than racing clubs, with three appointed Paracanoe Talent Club Partners and four Slalom Talent Club Partners. Work is underway to relaunch each of these programmes respectively with more details released in the coming weeks. 

The proposals detailed in the consultation document are subject to the continued funding support provided by Sport England. This is in place until March 2022, and next year we will have to bid for additional funding for the period between 2022-2025. These proposals are therefore subject to the funding being available beyond April 2022.  

The consultation document is therefore shared subject to the caveat that it may be amended or adjusted once the outcome of British Canoeing Sport England Talent submission for Talent Programme funding 2021-2025 is known and any implications of this submission outcome known and fully understood. 

Please click here for the consultation questionnaire.