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Take on the 5km Paddle Challenge

The International Canoe Federation (ICF) has launched the virtual 5km paddle challenge, not only to encourage people to stay active, but also raise money for the important work of Doctors Without Borders.

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The ICF are looking to encourage both professional and recreational paddlers all over the world to take on the five kilometre virtual paddle challenge with weekly prizes up for grabs.

The challenge is a one-person challenge and can be carried out on any form of ergo, or for those who can get on the water in line with government guidance, on any form of craft officially recognised by the ICF.

There are two rules to the challenge. All participants must follow the rules in their own country to help prevent the spread of the virus, and each paddler must be able to accurately measure their distance and time.

To enter, you will need to register here.

Once you have registered, you can post your details of your performance on the event page here.

From there, you will then be able to compare and measure your results against other paddlers across the world. Participants are also encouraged to challenge their friends and colleagues to take up the cause.

All participants will be asked to register on the official event page, and asked to make a voluntary donation to MSF. Every entrant who makes a donation will have the chance to win a prize, including paddles and other recreational equipment.

Results will be published every Monday starting on 25 May.

The ICF is emphasising that people should only paddle outside where it is safe to do so, and where it is permitted by their local authorities.

Find more information about the 5k challenge here, and about the work Doctors without Borders (MSF) is doing around the world here.

Get your friends and clubmates involved. Share your participation on social media, challenge 5 friends and tag @PlanetCanoe #5kPaddleChallenge

Read the full rules here and if you still have any questions about the ICF #5kPaddleChallenge, please contact [email protected]