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Statement on the Sprint Racing Committee Annual Consultative Meeting Processes

In response to a number of queries around the Sprint Racing Committee’s online Annual Consultative Meeting (ACM) processes, we have summarised key aspects to help clarify and allay any concerns. British Canoeing staff have been advising and supporting throughout the planning phases.


Two registration forms have been shared:

i) For non-voting members to confirm attendance
ii) For registration of voting members

The registration form data is held by the SRC Secretary and will be shared with the two SRC proposed tellers (Anna Gray, Sports Development Manager for British Canoeing and John Hoile) and any other tellers who may be proposed at the meeting to enable to them to verify the total number of voting members. 

A register of voting members will be taken at the start of the meeting to confirm all those who registered to vote are in attendance. This will also include a statement of which clubs may be holding proxy votes and whether the Chair is holding any proxy votes. This will also form part of the minutes and therefore the record of the meeting. 

The meeting

The meeting will take place via Zoom.

The meeting link and password will be sent to registered voting members and those that have registered to attend after registration closes.

The meeting will open 20 mins before the formal start time (at 5.40pm Saturday 17th October) to give attendees not familiar with Zoom functions the opportunity to check their set up and ask questions.

Attendees who aren’t familiar with Zoom are encouraged to take up this opportunity to join early to test their systems.

Richard Stacey-Chapman, from British Canoeing will be contactable throughout the meeting by phone should anyone have specific issues. Richard’s contact details will be shared with all registered attendees alongside the meeting link and password.

Proxy votes

There are two methods of voting by proxy:

i) Through the Chair of the meeting

The registration form states that the Chair, Alan Laws “will contact you once registrations have closed to confirm your voting intentions”. This will be done via email. The email will include a link to a form to state how you would like the Chair to vote, either at his discretion or in a way directed by the club. The form will be visible by Alan Laws and by the two proposed tellers (Anna Gray and John Hoile). If other tellers are agreed access can be shared/transferred.

ii) Through another club

Clubs will need to state on the registration form which club they would like to hold their proxy. Clubs registering a proxy vote with another club will have to contact them directly to state how they would like them to vote.

In meeting voting

In meeting voting will take place via two methods:

i) Zoom ‘raise hand’ function

The Zoom ‘raise hand’ function is a simple process and instructions, including an opportunity to practice, will be available prior to the start of the formal business.

The Zoom ‘raise hand’ function will be used for the following votes:

- Appointment of the Tellers
- Approval of the minutes of the last meeting
- Approval of the Treasurer’s reports
- Election of the Committee Treasurer

Votes will be counted by the tellers and a simple majority vote is required for all of the above.

ii) Online form

The online form will be used for the following votes:

- Election of the Committee Chair
- Election of Committee Members

The forms used are Google Forms. This is the same system used for the registration forms.

Links to both forms will be shared with the registered voting members after registration has closed.

The forms will not accept responses until the meeting starts.

The data from the voting forms will be visible only to the proposed tellers who will count the votes and verify that only registered voting members voted.

In the event of a tie for the election of Chair a second round of voting will take place. If, following the second round of voting, there is still a tie, the current SRC Chair will have a casting vote (casting vote ref: 8.15 SRC 2020 Terms of Reference).

In the event of a tie for the final General Member position a second round of voting will take place between those nominees with tied votes only. If, following the second round of voting, there is still a tie, the new SRC Chair will have a casting vote (casting vote ref: 8.15 SRC 2020 Terms of Reference).