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Sea Kayaking in Lanzarote

Start your Personal Performance Award today...

The NEW Personal Performance Awards are designed for paddlers wanting to gain recognition of their learning and development, in the craft and environment they choose. 3 awards are available in 12 disciplines including everything from SUP, Touring to Freestyle, so the choice is yours! 

Interested in undertaking the Sea Awards? The Sea Awards are designed for paddlers looking for recognition of their skills for a safe day out on the sea. So whether you're new to paddling on the sea or looking to progress to coastal or advanced sea environments, there's something for everyone! Read more here or find upcoming courses using the course map.

Interested in becoming a Provider?

Every Instructor, Coach, Leader, Bell Boat Helm and Raft Guide will be able to run some of the NEW Awards. Find out more about the Personal Performance Awards Provider eLearning, which also providers 3 years' CPD, the British Canoeing Assessor Training and a range of logos for your marketing! Find out more here!

We want to hear from you! Interested in writing a short case study for the website? Contact us!

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