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New Duty to Care Toolkit and Digital Badge to Facilitate #GreatCoaching

UK Coaching have developed this new toolkit that will equip coaches with the knowledge and skills to provide great coaching experiences to others, as well as support coaches to begin to better look after themselves. 

Uk Coaching Duty To Care

We all know how important it is to consider and care for the needs of everyone we coach, ensuring that they have a great experience.

To help you explore this and show your commitment to care, UK Coaching have launched a new toolkit that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to provide great coaching experiences for everyone – crucial both now, as you return to coaching following the relaxing of the COVID-19 restrictions – and in the future.

As part of the toolkit, you can earn a free nationally recognised ‘Digital Badge’ to demonstrate to the public that you are committed to the principles of Duty to Care (Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health, Safeguarding and Well-being), which underpin great coaching.

UK Coaching have also published an overarching Guide to Duty to Care which offers key information to help the coaching sector fulfil your obligations around the education and provision of the five pillars of Duty to Care.

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