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Looking to try something new? Why not try Stand Up Paddleboarding on WW?

Looking to try something new in 2020? Read Emma Loves story about the first time she tried Stand Up Paddleboarding on white water.

Emma's been developing her SUP WW skills and has recently started her journey to become a SUP WW Coach, read more here

Want to try Stand Up Paddleboarding on White Water?

The NEW SUP Personal Performance Awards are available on sheltered water, white water and surf and are designed for paddlers looking for recognition of their skills and development for a safe day out paddleboarding. So whether you’re new to paddling on SUPs or looking to progress to white water or surf environments, there’s something for everyone!

Awards take place in a variety of venues enabling progression at your own pace and confidence level, whilst developing both your understanding and skills in the exciting world of SUP.

There are no prerequisites or age restrictions so start your award today! Find out more here. 

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