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Latest Environment Agency report highlights the importance of opening up more blue spaces

The Environment Agency’s annual report ‘State of the environment: health, people and the environment’ has for the first time made a clear reference to blue spaces being a vital resource for supporting new jobs and improving people’s health and wellbeing, especially in areas of higher deprivation and Black, Asian and Minority populations.

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The report concludes that by levelling up people’s ability to access more blue spaces the Government will see the following benefits…

  • Improving people’s mental health
  • Providing more children with access to learn about nature and being able to connect more as a family
  • Improving the long term protection of the nation’s natural environments
  • Saving billions of pounds in healthcare costs and reduced economic activity every year

Let’s hope this report now has a positive impact on whether the various amendments to the agricultural bill are adopted into legislation. This would be the first step in enabling regulators, businesses and individuals to contribute towards creating healthier, greener and more accessible environments. Click here to learn more about where we are up to with the agricultural bill.