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Keynote speakers announced: book your space at the Stronger Clubs Conference!

The Stronger Clubs Conference will take place on the afternoon of Saturday 14th March at Eastwood Hall, Nottinghamshire. Free to attend for British Canoeing members, the Conference is designed to help clubs learn more about a variety of different topics, including club marketing, recruiting volunteers and safeguarding, as well as how clubs can tie into national campaigns and initiatives, such as Clear Access, Clear Waters and the delivery of personal performance awards. 

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The conference aims to bring together club officers and coaches, event organisers and volunteers who all contribute to the growth and development of paddlesport in England. It will provide the latest insights from across paddlesports to keep your club up to date, helping volunteers to feel better informed, better equipped and even stronger together.  

Keynote Speakers Announced

The theme for this year’s National Club Conference is “Developing People, Protecting the Environment.” Clubs are full of people passionate about their sport, dedicated to helping others enjoy the experiences paddling can bring and critically aware of the importance of protecting waterways for future generations. 

Keynote speeches will be delivered by Marianne Davies from Dynamic Coaching and Ben Seal from British Canoeing and together, will tackle a wide variety of issues and questions within the paddlesport community. 

Marianne Davies

Motivation Specialist with Dynamics Coaching
Creating Fields of Dreams

"For many years I reflected deeply on and tried to understand, the motivation and passion that inspires people to engage in paddlesports. As a mother, enthusiastic participant, practitioner, coach developer, coaching manager and academic; these musings were founded from multiple perspectives and toward an abundance of different goals."

In this keynote, we will explore the wonderful opportunities and experiences that being part of a paddling club can provide to individuals, families and communities. The challenges to clubs of becoming more engaging and inclusive without losing what works for those already involved. And how clubs can create the fields our dreams are built on, whatever our ability, motivation or particular discipline/s.

Marianne's Bio

Marianne has been involved in adventure sports of one sort or another her entire life. Her father was a very keen mountaineer and climber, her mother passionate about horses. Marianne soon added water sports to the list and has spent over 30 years engaging in all these activities; from personal participation, to working in outdoor education centres, management training and for national governing bodies. 

Her work in the sector has ranged from developing participation right through to coaching, training and assessment. In addition, Marianne has been active in mountain rescue, leading expeditions, and working at Canoe Wales; latterly as the Coaching Manager.

Ben Seal

Places to Paddle Manager
The Future of the Earth - what are you going to do about it?!

Every day, people across the country are getting active outdoors – walking, swimming, paddling, camping and climbing. Fundamental to all our outdoor adventures are safe, clean places to access the countryside. However, our waters are increasingly clogged with plastic pollution and invasive non-native species, and our legal right to be on the water remains frustratingly unclear to most.  The challenge to paddlers to preserve and improve the environment has never been greater and requires action now to protect our waterways for generations to come.

Our paddlesport clubs can be the catalyst to cleaner, greener, healthier places to paddle- so how will you and your club be involved in the movement for Clear Access, Clear Waters?

Ben's Bio

Growing up on the edge of the Peak District instilled a deep passion for the outdoors in Places to Paddle Manager, Ben Seal. Scouting and family adventures developed his love of the natural environment, leading to a career as an outdoor instructor. A job which allowed him to share with young people the opportunity to get out in the countryside and have an adventure!

In his current role at British Canoeing, Ben is able to draw on his knowledge and dedication to the great outdoors in a new way. Managing a team covering access, environment and facilities and leading a national campaign championing the case for opening access on rivers and protecting the environment.

Ben is an active member and Trustee of Midland Canoe Club, as well as a Trustee of the Derwent Valley Trust. He also works closely on a volunteer led initiative, ‘PaddlePeak, cleaning the River Derwent and campaigning for improved access for recreation.


As well as keynotes, there are several workshops for you to attend, spread across a range of different topics. The workshops available include:

  • She Paddles
  • Clear Access, Clear Waters
  • Talent Development
  • Developing Independent Young Paddlers
  • Developing Coaches and Leaders
  • Running a Safe Club
  • Recruiting and Retaining Members Using Social Media
  • Using the Paddle Awards to Develop Confident and Competent Paddlers
  • Safeguarding & Protecting Children
  • Regional Waterways Advisors

The full conference program can be viewed here.

To book onto the conference (free for British Canoeing members), please click here.