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Keeping a Club a Club During Covid 19

The Covid 19 period has forced us all to work differently and changed how we operate and communicate. Whilst clubs and their paddlers may not be able to get on the water that shouldn't stop you being a club. 

We spoke to Southampton Canoe Club, who told us how they are keeping their club a club during this time. 

Southampton Cc

Covid 19: Keeping a Club a Club - Southampton CC

As a club we are aware we need to stay in contact with our membership, both to keep them engaged and ensure that they are still wanting to be members at the end of this. Overall we are a group of friends, who enjoys spending time with each other and the club helps us to do this. 

Here's what we are doing to keep this going.


Exercise of the day:

This is published on Facebook and is something to try, challenge or think about whilst it is not really interactive, we have started to ask those who have responded how they would like it to develop. Feedback is that even if it’s something just to think on for the day it’s a growing resource for the future.


Club Exercise Circuits are published on Facebook – we did try to live stream early lockdown sessions but this was harder than the value it achieved.

Junior Group Zoom meetings to help keep our juniors in contact with each other and keep the training going, we are using the British Canoeing Talent Program and are staring to do the profiling together in the Zoom meet.

Club Fitness Sessions. This week sees the inaugural online ergo session – any piece of exercise kit can and will be used from a Skipping rope to an ergo, again via Zoom 

Quiz - Last week saw the inaugural club quiz and the plan is to follow this format with another and possibly Bingo, Beetle and lots of other games. Again all of these are via the internet.

Every other week

The lockdown has seen the relaunch of the club newsletter “The Itchen-side” utilising information from the above sessions plus word searches, colouring and other information.


Although emerging rather than established our committee met online last month and this month plans are afoot to get the coaching team to meet, to follow the standard club time format for meetings.


The club has taken out a Zoom licence for £9 per month to enable us to schedule sessions and not have to worry about the time limits.

Support from British Canoeing for Clubs

Our Area Development Officers are working hard to support clubs and are happy to chat to you about any questions or ideas you have. You can contact your local officer using the numbers and emails below:

James Hinves [email protected]  South & South West Regions. Tel: 07834 583369

Russ Smith [email protected] London, Midlands, East & South East Regions. Tel: 07701 387974

Phil Scowcroft [email protected] Yorkshire, North West, North East and Cumbria Regions. Tel: 07894 396484