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How your mind can impact your paddling

It's Mental Health Awareness week (18th - 24th May 2020). Check out our top 5 picks from the British Canoeing Digital Library exploring various aspects of the mind, how this relates to your paddling as well as how coaches and parents can impact and influence this. 

The Psychology of Young Athletes

Listen to this podcast ‘Create an Athlete’, a round-table chat on the real-world parenting lessons that can be gained from this conversation with a sport psychologist.

Explorng Sp Psyc
Exploring Sports Coaching and Psychology

This free eLearning course from the Open University explores the influence of coaching and psychology through the lens of sports people and teams who have been successful. You will focus on coaching practices used with young people and adults, including research and advice of leaders in their fields.

Sport Psychology – Inside the Mind of Champion Athletes

Watch this Ted Talk by Martin Hagger, Professor of Psychology at Curtin University, who explores why developing strategies and techniques to get athletes minds in the best possible condition for optimal performance is increasingly important for sports teams and coaches.

Exploring Coaching and Mental Well-being

Listen to this podcast which explores the positive impact coaching has on well-being, focusing on why coaching the whole person is participant long-term welfare; why it is important for coaches to be cognisant about mental well-being.

The Secret Imagination of Elite Performance

In a world where success and failure can be measured so publicly, former Army Officer and Olympic Psychologist Charlie Unwin explores in this fascinating talk, the intuitive qualities and mental skills that separate high achievers from the rest. In doing so he draws upon his own experience to expose the paradox of a so-called ‘winning mindset’ and suggests how we could all be applying the most effective tool in sport psychology to enrich our everyday life.

Want to know to explore this topic further? Check out the British Canoeing Digital Library which has a whole host of resources to support your paddling, skill development, coaching, leading and guiding.