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How to choose a Coach Developer and get the best from the sessions

The NEW Performance Coach Award in now available! Read the following guidance for NEW Performance Coach candidates about choosing a Coach Developer. 

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What is a Coach Developer?

Coach Developers can have a variety of roles and support your development in many ways. Observing your practice, giving feedback, stimulating discussion or supporting your technical understanding are just a few of the roles they could play.

Coach Developers are usually subject experts who can support and challenge you to embrace long-term learning and development. 

How do I find a Coach Developer?

As part of your Performance Coach journey you will select a mentor to support you through the 3 mentor sessions. Your mentor will be well connected in the paddlesport community and will likely be a good source of possible Coach Developer contacts. 

Your National Association can also help and we have various finder tools on our website that help you find qualified Coaches, Guides, Mentors and Providers.

Use your existing network, coaches you know from your club, organisation or from other sports or settings.

Social media - for example you could update your linkedin profile to state you are undertaking the British Canoeing Performance Coach Qualification and you are looking for coaches to work with.

We would encourage you to consider your Coach Developer carefully. Although they may be subject experts, they may not have supported a coach through the Performance Coach programme before. British Canoeing has produced a free eLearning course to support Coach Developers, to help them understand their role.

What is a Coach Developer Touch Point?

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As part of your Performance Coach journey you will be required to complete at least two ‘touch points’ with a Coach Developer prior to assessment, although you can choose to arrange as many of these as you wish.

A touch point will typically take place during a normal coaching session with your learners. You may choose to meet your Coach Developer before the session and spend time with them after, exploring how the session went, how you progressed against your objective for the session. These sessions could take place remotely (web meeting) if, for example, you discuss the tactical aspects of your coaching with learners.

Do I need to pay them?

You will fund these Coach Developer interactions in agreement with them; they are not included within the Registration Fee. We recommend you clarify this up front before any interactions take place.   

Can my Mentor also be my Coach Developer?

This is entirely up to you to decide. There will be benefits in separating the two roles to get a variety of input and experience and keep a clearer distinction between the two roles.