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Guiding your learning online

Hear from Sammi, who has recently been undertaking the Guide Modules through a series of online sessions.

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My coaching journey kicked off in 2011 as an outdoor instructor where I was completely immersed in that world, working up to UKCC L2 and coaching paddlesport as a big part of my role. However, a few years ago I moved away from the outdoor industry and felt like I was losing touch a little with what I really enjoyed doing, which is coaching in general. I chose this module as it is still relevant to the work that I am doing today for an NCS Provider and I wanted to make sure what I was putting together for our groups was current and well structured. I also want to pick my APIOL (Accredited Practitioners of the Institute for Outdoor Learning) back up and needed to get my head back in the game. 

I really enjoyed it the online Guide Module. I like to lead my own learning and reflect in my own time. It took a minute to understand the depth of the content and certainly an amount of frustration trying to condense the write-ups into 700 words! But that was an important part of the process, to narrow it down to what was actually important. It crossed over to so many other sports and planning exercises. It was great to have Dave available on email to check in with and help me out if I got stuck!

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Completing the training online was great. I could pick it up when time allowed and when my head was in the right place to give it my full attention. I spent days getting stuck into each individual task, probably much more that I would have done had I attended a workshop.

Attending the online module has given me a big kick in the right direction. Since the course, I have made a point of planning little hiking trips every weekend as I have a MLA to work towards. I have found a local canoe club and we are getting a boat rack fitted on the top of our camper, ready for an open boat. I have also restarted my APIOL and intend to finish it this summer. Though the course content was more reflective than learning a lot of new information, it was really useful to have a check in with what I had unknowingly been learning for the past few years. 

Full details of the British Canoeing Guide Scheme, which includes the modules and the endorsement, can be found on the Guide section of the British Canoeing website. 

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