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Environment Agency Challenges and Choices Consultation

In 2015 the River Basin Management Plans were updated and published by the Environment Agency.  River Basin Management plans cover an entire river system, including river, lake, groundwater, estuarine and coastal water bodies. They are designed to protect and improve the quality of our water environment. Good quality water is essential for wildlife, agriculture and business to thrive, and is one of the means for boosting regeneration (both structural and economic), recreation and tourism.   

The Environment Agency have started work to update these River Basin Management Plans.  On 24th October the Challenges and Choices Consultation was launched, where they are seeking your views on the challenges our waters face and the choices and challenges we all need to make to help tackle those challenges.  Your responses will help the Environment Agency to shape the management of water in England.  There will be opportunities to link in with organisations such as the Rivers Trusts to develop the Challenges and Choices consultations and this is a chance to feed your thoughts into the next stage.  The Environment Agency have produced a number of videos explaining more about the consultation.

To find out more, be part of the consultation and add your thoughts to the development of the River Basin Management Plan, please use the following link: