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Eilidh Gibson selected for inaugural #UNLOCKED campaign

Canoe Slalom athlete Eilidh Gibson has been announced as one of 40 participants to take part in a unique campaign led by women’s sports charity, the Women’s Sport Trust.

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Forty of Britain’s most successful and driven female athletes are taking part in ‘Unlocked’ which will see the 40 elite athletes paired with 40 ‘activators’ made up of leading figures from business, sport and media to shape the future of women’s sport. Individually and collectively they will challenge and support each other to unlock media platforms, pitch to investors, speak out on live issues, tell new stories, get into boardrooms and break down assumptions.  

Athletes for the ‘Unlocked’ campaign have been recruited from 24 different sports with a focus on championing diversity and those who want to make a difference including Eilidh Gibson, international slalom paddler and founder of the award winning Slalom Inspire scheme. 

She said: “I'm absolutely delighted to be part of the Women's Sport Trust Unlocked campaign.

“To be included in a group of such diverse and successful sportswomen who have big ideas and energy to change lives is really inspiring.

“I am also very excited to connect with my 'activator' to learn from her expertise and experience on how to expand my reach." 

Tammy Parlour, CEO and Co-Founder of the Women’s Sport Trust says, “Despite increasing profile, we believe the value of women’s sport needs to be unlocked faster, with more impatience and greater ambition.   There are still too many closed doors in the sports industry and beyond, which means progress has been uneven, and we see peaks and troughs of attention and investment.  That needs to change, and we believe this formidable group of women and our network of high-profile supporters can make it happen.”

This is such an exciting time for women's sport and I'm honoured and inspired to be part of a project wanting to make meaningful change. Well done to the Women’s Sport Trust for taking this on. The future is very exciting for women's sport!

– Eilidh Gibson

The 40 ‘activators’ will play an important role, opening up their connections and sharing their experiences.  Together with the athletes they will form ‘a hive mind’, uncovering the most urgent challenges facing women’s sport and developing ways to tackle them.

During the campaign the athletes will be provided with coaching to make them even more effective influencers and ambassadors, tackling everything from commercial insights to social media skills.  They will connect with their activator and work through how they can create tangible actions as well as communicating and learning from their wider peer group.  The campaign will also be challenging the public to help get women’s sport #UNLOCKED and share how they did it.