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Develop your paddling skills

Develop your personal paddling skills

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If you’re brand NEW to paddling, the Paddle Awards are a great way to feel confident in your canoe, kayak or SUP in a sheltered water environment. The awards help to develop your fundamental skills and decision making, with the aim of working towards independence. There are three awards available, Start, Discover and Explore, which enable you to start your lifelong journey into paddlesport!

If you’re looking to develop your skills further and gain recognition of your learning and development in your chosen discipline, there are 3 awards available across each of the 12 disciplines. From Touring to SUP or White Water, the choice is yours!

Develop your safety skills

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Ensuring yours and other safety on the water is essential in paddlesport. There are various training courses available to support the development of your safety skills, depending on the type of water you usually paddle on. These courses will ensure your safety and rescue techniques support you and your fellow paddlers in your many trips and journeys on the water. 

If you’re new to paddling, the Foundation Safety and Rescue training is the perfect option to develop your safety and rescue skills in a sheltered water environment. This one day practical course introduces the key skills needed for you to operate safely and deal with common emergencies. This course is open to all paddlers, coaches and volunteers, in any craft or discipline, with a boat-based or bank-based option, giving you the opportunity and support to develop your safety skills.

British Canoeing also offers training if you’re looking to become an Instructor, Coach or Leader, across a range of disciplines and environments. Click here to explore the range of courses to start your development journey.

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