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Congratulations to Lizzie who's recently become an Advanced Canoe Leader Provider

Hear from Lizzie, who's recently become an Advanced Canoe Leader Provider. Hear what she had to say:


It was great to recently be signed off as a British Canoeing Advanced Canoe Leader Provider.  (Thank you to the canoe legend Ray Goodwin and everyone else who has helped me!) 

I am looking forward to supporting more people to gain the skills, decision making and experience to lead in the advanced environments that are meaningful to them. 

Motivation - Although there are plenty of great providers, I was picking up on feedback that what aspirant Advanced Leaders wanted was more options and diversity when it comes to choosing who to train and assess with.  

I am currently developing some exciting, context led and person focused courses for the autumn.  I am keen to apply my learning from the British Canoeing Coaching Diploma and my background in performance coaching,  education, development training to this new context.

Lizzie Harrington - British Canoeing Advanced Water Coach, Coaching Diploma Graduate.