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Catch Up with Coaching November 2020

This month's edition includes the NEW Leadership Awards, an update about the First Aid extension eLearning and the opportunity to apply for the Technical Groups. We are also pleased to share the new British Canoeing Challenge Cards and your opportunity to tune into a webinar series from leading stand up paddlers. 

Get ready for the Leadership Awards...

In January 2021, British Canoeing will introduce a new Leadership Award suite aligned to the Educational Philosophy aimed at increasing the number of qualified leaders and providing more opportunities for people to paddle.

The awards suite have optional training and direct entry opportunities, which means you can start your development journey TODAY to ensure you are prepared for the new awards in January. Find out more here.

  • First Aid Extension eLearning Update: The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recognises that some First Aid Providers have resumed first aid training but there remains a backlog or limited availability. BCAB will be further extending the First Aid Extension eLearning to the 31 March 2021. Therefore, anyone who was required to renew their First Aid qualification from the 16 March 2020 and has been unable to access a course, can complete the FREE eLearning course.
  • British Canoeing Challenge Cards: Canoe Slalom coaches Craig Morris and Gareth Wilson launch an exciting Challenge Cards project, enhancing coach & athlete development across paddlesport. Each deck contains over 100 cards that enhance the paddler/coach experience of development. Each card is designed to promote learner led environments that enhance skills both relevant to the sport and to real life in fun, collaborative and playful ways.
  • Opportunities to join Canoe, Slalom and Touring Technical Groups: British Canoeing Coaching and Qualifications Department are looking for Canoe, Slalom and Touring specialists to help shape qualifications and awards, advise on discipline developments and support the Head of Coaching and Qualifications. Applications are now open for anyone who feels they are able to commit and contribute for a 4 year period. 
  • Leading stand up paddlers to host webinar series: The ICF and Starboard have teamed up with some of the biggest names in SUP for a series of free webinars offering participants a rare insight into what it takes to be the best in the world. The panellists will demonstrate the skills and tricks that can be used by stand up paddlers from any level – from absolute beginners to those who are planning to compete at one of the many ICF SUP events scheduled for 2021.

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Deliver the Personal Performance Awards

Ppa Provider

Instructors, Coaches, Leaders, Raft Guides and Bell Boat Helms can deliver some of the Personal Performance Awards? All aspirant Providers will need to complete the Provider eLearning. The eLearning provides 3 years' CPD, the British Canoeing Assessor training and access to a range of logos to use for your marketing and promotion. Click here to start your eLearning today!