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British Canoeists present groundbreaking game at PLx

Canoe Sprint athlete Noah Dembele and Athlete Rep Chair Emilia McAllister Jepps presented a case study on the work they have done within the World Class Programme, to begin breaking down barriers in conversations around diversity. 

Our World Too 2

The pair presented during the ‘Sharing Inspirational: a practical exploration of Diversity and Inclusion activities’ session at PLx, the annual UK Sport Conference which brings together the high performance community for a week of insight, learning, collective challenge and reflection.

As part of a session, alongside UK Athletics and British Swimming, Noah and Emilia explained how Noah came across the game ‘Our World Too,’ a critical thinking game designed by 100 young people in Hackney to enable open and honest discussions around racism and inequality.

The game can be used as a tool to help develop better understanding of different viewpoints as well as facilitate interesting and thought-provoking discussions.

‘Our World Too’ is a deck of cards with two types of card, narrative and reaction. Played amongst a group of up to six, one individual picks a narrative card and shares that with the group.

The rest of the group then has an allotted time to select two or three reaction cards that best describes how they’re feeling about the narrative card, which prompts an open and honest discussion about why they’ve chosen a particular response.

Despite Covid restrictions, Noah was able to play “Our World Too” with a number of World Class Programme athletes and staff this summer.

Speaking after presenting at PLx, Noah said:

“I was very pleased to be able to share the work that we have done over the last few months at PLx with ‘Our World Too’.

I am very excited at the prospect of working with other NGB's to spread the word of ‘Our World Too’, collaborating together in order to inspire a nation.

– Noah Dembele

As part of its strategic plan, British Canoeing has committed to reviewing its work on equality and diversity.

It will be working with sector partners to explore how we can improve diversity within our membership, the paddlesport community and throughout the organisation.

A major step in this is the recruitment of a full-time Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead, who will be instrumental driving this area of work.