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British Canoeing update on competitions, events and gatherings

British Canoeing has announced today that in the interest of the safety and wellbeing of all members of our community, with regret we are extending the cancellation of all domestic competitions, events and gatherings until 31 July 2020.

Following discussions with Sport England and other National Governing Bodies, we do not expect any further announcements from the government allowing gatherings in the near future. 

At the appropriate time when the government ease the restrictions on gatherings, some competitions and events may become possible.  Please note it is likely that these will need to be organised with consideration of social distancing and support of the contact tracing system.

For events scheduled to take place beyond the end of July, as and when the government eases lockdown further, in order to allow paddlers and event organisers time to prepare for events, it is currently proposed that British Canoeing will permit events to take place three weeks following the appropriate easing of lockdown rules. 

This means that if required, we will run a rolling three-week cancellation of events beyond 31 July.  As such, unless further information is provided from the government, on Monday 13 July we will announce the cancellation of events through to Monday 3 August, and roll this on each Monday.

British Canoeing will continue to work with event organisers and all of the paddlesport discipline committees to review competitions and events on a case-by-case basis and in line with any potential changes to government guidance. 
This may mean that further events are cancelled or postponed if they are not expected to be viable. 

We will also shortly issue some guidance on running events with social distancing for when competitions and events can take place to allow event organisers time to consider these plans.  

Please note that this guidance will have to be reviewed and republished according to future Government guidelines.

General Guidance

For general queries related to Coronavirus, please follow government guidance. The latest information can be found using the links below:

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British Canoeing’s response to the Government’s COVID-19 Recovery Strategy, following the lifting of some of the restrictions on paddlesport in England from 13 May 2020.