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Become a #ShePaddles Club Champion

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Can you make a real difference to women and girls in paddlesport? British Canoeing are excited to be using their diversity funding from Sport England to support 100 #ShePaddles Club Champions in England. All 100 champions will be given the opportunity to qualify as a Paddlesport Instructor, with 10 going on to train as Paddlesport Leaders. 

#ShePaddles Club Champions will work to grow female membership in their club or organisation. Based near cities, they will also be looking to engage more BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) women and girls in paddlesport. 

The #ShePaddles Club Champions will play a hugely important part in changing the landscape for female paddlers. They will be working to help us balance the gender split in paddling, as well as increasing the ethnic diversity of our sport.

– Cadi Lambert, Go Paddling Engagement Officer, British Canoeing

#ShePaddles Club Champions will complete a self-diagnostic tool for their club or organisation before being supported to create a plan to encourage more women and girls to take up paddling and progress into coaching and leadership roles. At the same time the champions will be funded to take their Paddlesport Instructor qualification, including FSRT (Foundation Safety and Rescue Training).

Champions will be encouraged to reach out to local community groups and projects, as well as inner city schools, to create links with girls who may not already see paddlesport as an option. Ten of the champions, who show a particular enthusiasm for the role, will have the opportunity to progress their coaching and leadership skills with the Paddlesport Leader Award.

Importantly, the project is not just open to existing paddlers. Applications are also open to women and girls who are not already involved in paddlesport but would like to develop themselves personally, with a formal qualification and the overall experience this role will bring. British Canoeing is interested to hear from existing community project leads who may be interested in linking up their participants with this project.

We encourage all paddlers, both female and male, to get behind this project. It benefits, not just women and girls, but the entire club or organisation; bringing in new members and developing more coaches and leaders.

– Chris Earle, Head of Participation and Club Services, British Canoeing

As the funding for this project comes from Sport England all applicants must live in England. Canoe Wales are running a similar project which Welsh applicants may be interested in.

To learn more about the #ShePaddles Club Champion role and to apply click here.